The 10th anniversary of Dollshe

My friends, this year marks the 10th anniversary of Dollshe.
In honor of this I would like to say a few words about these dolls.
Now the market is a huge amount of BJD manufacturers. Some appear and disappear, while others do not exist the first year and are becoming popular.
No owner who does not know BJD dolls of Dollshe. This is not only because the company pioneered the emergence of BJD in the world. The fact that they are unique doll.
History of appearance of first their fabulous value and rarity long become legends. Once they were made very small amounts. Sun rising Dollshe company started with the appearance of her an unforgettable Bermann
First came into the world 50 pieces, they were only sold in Korea, in 2003, a few months later in November came Hu-die-meng Do Bermann. was sold for around 15 minutes (released in April 2005).
Dolls sold out in just a few days. Heimdal before Berman was the third release (March 2006) and sold in less than 11 minutes. Hu-die-meng Do Bermann October 3, 2006 were announced three new dolls, 11 pieces each with a term of dispatch in December. Manu, Forgotten Paradise (forgotten paradise) – tan , with eyes open - the fifth edition, L'etranger (wanderer) – tan , with eyes open - the sixth and Mr. Fogg, Around the World in 80 Days (Mr. Fogg, 80 days around the world) - white with eyes open) - the seventh.
Until now, on hearing the name Berman. It has become a legend.
Master created new molds and each of them became inimitable crown jewel. Van, Pabo, Husky, Orijean, Rosen, Hound, Saint, Bernard.
Each of them became an inspiration for many artists and masters of face-up. Once by holding them in their hands will never forget that feeling. No one has any doubt that the dolls Dollshe - the best in the world.
The companyin the person a respected Mr. Dollshe, Key Yong Kim treats its customers with a much larger arrangement than anything else. In 2011 was conducted an incredible event. Was presented a new better body and lowered prices by 50%.
This was the beginning of appearance huge number dolls Dollshe worldwide. Critics were then predicted that the Mr. Dollshe makes a farewell gesture and soon the company will ceased to exist.
Year had passed, but instead of disappearing from the market, the company have offered buyers EVENT again with reduced price. A year later, the company offered all buyers reissue all their Limit dolls.
All that was stock Out of stock, all rare Moulds are now again available to customers. Wave of excitement swept through the the world - everyone who wanted to get into your house incredibly beautiful doll could not do it.
In this way Mr. dolshe made it impossible to spread the world recast his doll. It became impractical. In 2012, the world saw a beautiful girl Ausley and mid-2013, Mr. and in mid-2013, Mr. Dpllshe said that the era of his old dolls over. 10 years, they have pleased everyone, and the market is saturated with them enough. EVENT opened farewell with reduced prices.
Master said that soon the world will see a completely new dolls Dollshe. Dedicated fans, owners and future buyers wrote letters (and your humble servant among them) that we are not able to to leave with these beautiful dolls. Because they are delicious.
Mr. Dollshi fortunately changed his mind and returned to buy all your favorite Molds. It was a great event for all fans BJD! Today when Dollshe Craft celebrates 10 years Mr. Dollshi remains, as before, the author of the best in the world of dolls.
From his hand there are new inimitable Moulds, which is becoming an inspiration, an example to follow, dream and reality. They are our guardian angels, our dreams come true. The best BJD – Dollshe Craft.